How To Make Money Online

Everybody in 2021 wants to make money online, with the inconsistencies of covid-19 (Coronavirus) and various countries going on lockdown, this is becoming more of a goal and less of a thought. In this article we are going to help you understand how to make money online from your bedroom or kitchen, who knows maybe even on the toilet!

Where to start?

The hardest question is where to start, this can be the hardest part of a side hustle, as once you start everything becomes easy with time! We highly recommend finding out what you are good at, if you are a good chef, then focus on that, if your good at crafts, focus on that. When you focus on something you don’t like it shows.

Selling Handmade Items

A good place to start for carpenters or DIY enthusiasts is to create and sell in your free time. Maybe you are someone who does DIY around the house and has some skills that can be formed into something new? Or if you are someone who likes to paint/sculpt etc, there are places to sell for everyone some sites are limited to certain counties for example “Aftcra” this service is only for Americans (USA), “Folksy” is only for United Kingdom (UK) residents. Don’t worry there are still many services that include everyone! Check out “Etsy”, “Amazon Handmade”, “Artfire”, “Storenvy”, “icraftgifts” and “Spoonflower” (There are more choices out there, but we haven’t tested them to verify if they are good enough)

Selling Clothes Online

Starting a clothing brand is a dream of a lot of people, with the easy use of print on demand services. Creating a clothing brand is relatively simply, all you need to start is pick a service to supply the clothing, for example “Printify” or “Printful” create your own designs or pay someone else to create them. Printful and Printify both handle the shipping, inventory and costs on their own site.

Becoming a Coach or Teacher

We have all had the torture of being in a classroom as a teacher or student, thanks to the way of the future anywhere can be a classroom! A lot of services don’t mind about qualifications, but some require diplomas. All you need to get started is a laptop and a criteria to teach. Use these services “Cambly”, “Teach Away”, “VIP Kid”,  “Virtually”, “Verbling” “Tutor Me”, “OutSchool” or “Macro Mentors”.

Our Recommendations

We highly recommend checking out our information closely to ensure that you are choosing the service you will enjoy, there are ways to make money with them all, but there is no point making the money and destroying your mental health by taking on too much.


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